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Everyone who walks will fall and so did I, I fell from bike (No, no… I was not walking on bike). How, why, where that is not important now…

It was not my first or the scariest accident which is worth to be updated in blog. [Once I went under a moving van… thanks to Tejaji and his riding skills] But this is the only accident after which I was admitted to hospital and first time I had CT scan.

CT scan is really scary shit especially if you are a ‘Bollywood movie buff’. When I was inside that tube like thing… I could imagine all those movies where in hero is put under CT scanner and comes out with some unheard weird ‘alienized’ brain problem… and he becomes love-psychopath and sacrifices his feelings and starts acting like a ‘sophisticated pimp’ and make sure that before he dies he fixes his girlfriend (a cute actress) with a hunk. [‘SKULL’ HONA HO….]

By the way my CT scan report was not scary; I was told that my brain fissures match with those of George Bush, Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson. [Anyway I am glad that after E&C engineering and 3-4 years of ‘software slaving’ and unlimited love crashes, I have something called, brain :)]

I underwent lots of tests (whichever covered under Infy medical policies) like X-ray, Y-ray, blood test, urine test, HIV test, BP test, integration test, Confirmation Test, black box test, functionality test… After those tests I got admission to general ward. (Feeling of receiving hospital ‘admit’ card was not different than receiving E&C engineering admission card… trust me). To reward my effort I was given a pair of blue pajama and shirt… :).

Tip for hospital 1: Whatever they give as uniform, wear it… don’t ask “Do you have M-size in this?” or “I like rosy pink… it sends positive waves”… Otherwise ward boy will give a look of ‘what a creep’ to you.
Tip for hospital 2: Never get admitted to hospital and that also to a general ward… Most of the people who are giving company to patients (especially old ladies) behave as if hospital is socializing place and start conversation about personal things like salary, age, and job

Hmm…It was quite a good relaxation/rest time for me in hospital… I didn’t have to move from my bed (ok…6 times I had to step out for tea and batti), I didn’t have to think about how to spend the weekend, I could think of all the things which I never did (transsexual alien behavior, marriage rituals of ‘Zulu’ tribe) and people came to see me with fruits and ‘get well soon’ cards. [Ok, last one didn’t happen… If you have friends who are just like you then no point in expecting such gifts]

Our (mine and my friend’s) world runs on simple rules: fruits are the things which are used in Kannada ‘hot songs’, drink juices only to get over the Saturday Night hangover… and greeting card is costly, and no one is worth it :).… So my beloved friends who visited me at hospital laughed on my state, few took my snaps in their mobile ‘cameras’, and few discussed whether my scar will vanish or not (just to make sure whether I can still replace Puneet Rajkumar) and some invited me to come to ‘pub’ if I feel ok by 9PM (My beloved friends) 🙂

The rest of the story is already part of history… I was discharged, I came home… my friend’s thought I was worth that accident as it taught me a lesson (I am not a student anymore to learn lessens… right?), even now I tell my manager that I have impact on my brain and doctor has asked me not to take stress, some times I get scared to ride my bike (i no more feel like invincible), my hospital bills are settled, I had to spent 400 bucks on my bike, and got a scar on my for head (kind of local Harry Potter)


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