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Cheaper world

In great investor Warren Buffet’s words, “sell, when others are buying and buy, when others are selling

And looks like everyone in Bangalore is selling one or other thing and at cheaper rates… cars, flats, clothes, ash trays, under wears, socks… you name it and you will get some discount… If some are selling things at discounted prices then some are giving lucrative offers on purchase… If you just pass 10 shops, at least 8 will have board of discount offers… people are so eager to sell that one of the hoardings read, ‘buy 1 flat and get another flat free’. (Of course conditions applied)

Freakonomist’s sarcasm: The item you want the most in a sale will have ‘no-discount’ tag or will be out of stock.

Everyone is ready to sell to make ‘some’ money in this economical hard time but purchaser, following the proverb ‘save it for rainy day’, is not ready to take out penny from his packet in this time (In SW terms it is classic example of dead-lock 🙂

With so many discounts and promotion prices…I feel world around me has become cheaper place… not only in terms of materials but ironically also in terms of people …Yes… it is general election time and leaders (self-proclaimed) of biggest democracy of the world have started their cheap dramas and cheap speeches… if some wants to cut hand, other wants to cut fingers… if some wants road-roll the opponent the other is giving money to buy votes, if some one promising rice @ 2rupees, few are giving color TVs to forget the old promises… looks like politicians are competing each other to fall the chasm of ethics… bloody hell :(. Things are cheaper then why not enjoy it… so I have switched from ‘Reality-shows’ to political news (to get my dose of cheap thrills)…

Oh… by the way… I bought Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine at a discounted price… why??? I need it, it is cheap, it has ‘lucky-draw’ offer and more over some one has to buy when some is selling… so that is my small contribution towards moving economy 🙂

Mood of the day: Generally Fridays are nice (TGIF)… and holiday on Friday is like getting 90% discount… so Happy Good Friday… or should I say Better Friday 🙂


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Wondering what is the link between a fool and finance… apart from the fact that few fools of Wall-Street have screwed up the finance… Hmm…. Financial year begins on April 1st, the ‘fool’s day’🙂Out of 365 days of the year… why on fool’s day financial year begins… is it mere coincidence or a cosmic conspiracy by Martians to make fool out of earthlings???April 1st is spent doing pranks, spreading hoax… everyone get their share of joy… but looks like this time around only companies (especially finance fellows) get lion’s share by fooling us with rumors of hikes and bonuses…

Anyway I am gonna stick to spirit of fool… oops… sorry… fool’s day… and wish you all happy fool’s day and New Financial Year (one and the same)

Haan… In good old fashion, for this New Year (financial a.k.a Fool’s day), I have made some resolutions
Will not believe in salary hike letters unless it is deposited to my account.
I am not gonna entertain talks like “my friend’s friend got 40% hike” or “my friend’s friend got bonus” unless your friend’s friend gives me treat 🙂
— If your friend’s cousin is going for long term onsite then please don’t share the news with me… when I become jealous, I become violent.
— Will be in ‘Don’t-panic’ state till my company locks its doors and sells my PC
— I will be more focused… I am gonna ignore all the news about bail outs, rolling heads, mergers… all I focus is my pay, my EMI and my account balance.
— Will be more social… will attend all functions, parties, get-to-gathers in which I get free food and drinks.

Fool proof wisdom:

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists of not exceeding that limit

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Freakonomy – TGIF :)

‘Wall-Street’ crisis… Lehman Bankrupt… Bailout plan… Dollar surge… commodity prices… crude… interest rates…. What is common in these words? No cherry point for guessing that ‘world economy is getting screwed’.
These are the new topics of conversation for people… Now days you hear these words in any place where more than one person is present (anyway I don’t talk to myself sitting on commode)… starting from tea shops to shabby bars, from office cafeteria to late night parties… people love to talk about these things.

The topics are so famous that people have started using these words in popular lingo… The other day my friend was complaining that his girl friend is giving him only one smooch per week and she is blaming that rise in prices of essential commodities is reason for this cost cutting 🙂 Anyway I asked him to invest in ‘other’ mutual funds to balance the total smooches. (And… my roommate used to tell that I don’t have sense of market)

And you really don’t have to know why bankruptcy happened or what bankruptcy means… All you have to do is remember the words…

Today morning I had interesting conversation with the bakery ‘mallu Uncle’ from whom I buy my daily dose of nicotine and caffeine.
Mallu Uncle: Bailout is very small (with clear dissatisfaction on face)
Me: Really…???
Mallu Uncle: 700 billion is too less in America to bail out so many people.
Me: ‘So many people’? I thought it is for companies.
Mallu Uncle: You software people don’t know ‘generator’ knowledge of markets… In America there are famous brothers called Lehman Brothers like we have ‘Kaurava brothers’ here… They did something and people put them in Jail…and America is bailing out them from Jail… they are famous I guess, I think they are cousin’s of Bush.
Me: Oh (I couldn’t tell much)
Mallu Uncle: Just imagine how much is 700 Billion
Me: Please shower me with that knowledge!!!
Mallu Uncle: It is very big money in India… If I have that money I can buy all the coconuts of Kerala, all the lungis, start at least 1500 bakeries and produce at least 4000 Mallu B-grade movies starring Shakeela. I just said kudos… and made a small pact that I will be actor in one of the movies and came to office. (even i need a backup plan when recession stuck 🙂

Today morning one of my uncle called me to ask ‘am I going to office?’. (Is it uncle’s day, today?) On inquiring he told that GM share is all time low… so will the office be open?

That was so weird, right? What GM shares have to do with my stupid tasteless job? After all I am a developer… A developer’s job is to make the girl pregnant… that’s it. It is job of business analysts, marketing people to carry baby for 9 months, go through the pain, pay the bills and deliver it safely… [That is most simplified corporate hierarchy lesson by Gowda (Popular belief is that he is one among those nasty Lie-man Brothers). Hope now you mammals know, ‘what they don’t teach in Harvard‘ or you can simply say why Gowda shouldn’t be admitted to Harvard 🙂

Here is the PJ question: What is common between Lehman Brothers and Ramsey Brothers.
Ans: Both scared shit out of the people… one in market and one in TV shows (Ramsey brothers produced Zee Horror Shows and plenty of horror movies)

As I was talking about economy in office cafeteria, I see most of my peers sitting grimly and talking about market crash and Sensex drop… so I dared to ask one of my nosy colleague, ” how much you lost in market?” With grave face he told, “No, I was planning to put some 5000 rupees if market was good”…[kutta saala… Khaaya peeya kuch nahin aur bottle bhi nahin thoda].

Anyway this is nice valid time to spend time in cafeteria… “Global economy is down…. so do you think your 10lines of code will make difference…. so why work, sit here.. let’s enjoy coffee” (one among 351 reasons to call ourselves as cheap labors :-()

And let me keep quiet about the blond female, who comes to cafeteria with pink color coffee mug, who told me that she always liked movies produced by Lehman brothers but recent movies are not good so they bankrupted…. Listen you stupid brainless female they are Warner Bros not Lehman bros.

One more PJ question:Why it is called as SENSEX?
Ans: After every RISE, it follows with DROPS :0)

So today is sufficiently a bad day, GM shares have reached all time low since great depression, major companies have lost money and all major indexes are falling… in short global economy is getting screwed… but still there is hope… today is Friday, so go home drink properly and God damn get drunk to the core, pee from balcony, steal neighbor’s clothes, bite your house owner’s dog, and don’t do anything which makes slightest of the Sense… 🙂

Economy is like driving a car in a tunnel; if you lose control the car will hit one side wall and bounce and hit other wall but ultimately will come on track… so cool.

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