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March is colorful month… thanks to festival of colors, Holi… but looks like I am not gonna enjoy this time… I have God damn office to attend… I love holidays… but this time no holiday on Holi-day :(. I really hate festivals which come on weekend (what is the point of having a holiday on a weekend) and I really, really hate festivals which fall on weekdays and my HR thinks we should work on that day… Anyway recession is not a nice time to live your life on your terms but agree to what your company says… so I will be sitting in office staring my monitor pixels… still I would like to thank my company for providing me COLOR monitor 🙂

Why we play Holi… it is the time when we let colors take over our true shades… we may be anything from inside… selfish, jealous, stupid, arrogant, nice, innocent, bustard, bit*h but under the cover of bright nice colors on face, we can be totally different person… was it philosophical…. haan

Colors are so colorful right??? But colors stand for different things…
Colors convey message
– Danger Red, Love red (Danger == Love???)
– Lonely Blue, Dark Heart, ever Green. Gay pink
Sometimes Colors speak more than words
– Traffic signals (red, yellow, green) say you to stop and go (though no one follows)
– (Infamous) pink slips and Pink Chaddis

Sometimes colors are never really stand for colors… When I say Forum is colorful place, it is not because of United Colors of Benetton shop… but babes of Forum :0)
Small Assignment: Decode this line… My company is not a colorful place!!!

Everyone loves colors… imagine life without colors… Don’t pump blood to your brain to imagine colorless world… Just turn off color of your TV and watch M-TV… You got it, man… Watching colorless fashion shows are as good as drinking warm beer with broken straw 😦 so thank you very much Mr. X who invented colors.

Like different shades of colors, different people have different ways of celebrating festival of colors… students will have full blast where as software engineers send colorful forwards… and yesterday I saw on TV that even politicians celebrate Holi, just to hide their cunning faces from voters :-

Bollywood films are biggest takers of this festival… Simply it is the most celebrated festival in films… in 70’s, it was virtual rule that every film should have a song on Holi, where in actor and actress splash colors on each other… and express their loves in colorful and wet way… And hope you guys remember the evergreen dialogue from the film, Sholay, “Holi kab hai? Kab hai Holi?”

How I USED to celebrate???… Oh… that was long back… in College… so many colors, many more shades, hell lot of fun, ear drum tearing laughter, shouting and buckets of colored water… and ultimately all drenched shirt hanging to the tamarind tree of hostel :-

Anyway with time things change… so I am no more in college and my good OLD friends have really become OLD… So we celebrate HOLI in mail chains, forwards and SMSes… Whatever it is, the SPIRIT of festival remains HIGH.
Wish you happy and colorful Holiand let there be colors in your lives 🙂


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