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Thank you – Arigatho

Since quite some time I am caught up with ‘thank-you’ syndrome (though publicly rarely I show it). Thanks to all those award functions, starting from Oscar-BAFTA to our local Filmfare – cine awards, for infecting me with this syndrome. I find awards functions are quite nice, whether true from heart or not… people are eager to express ‘thanks’ to every other person… In any average award function there are only three kinds of people… one who read ‘thank-you’ note after getting award, one who’s name is mentioned in that ‘thank-you’ note and one who cleans the mess after award ceremony is over…

I, the ‘thank-you-syndrome-infected’, wanted to read out ‘thank-you’ note… And… and finally I got the occasion to read out that ‘thank you’ note… yes… my blog site’s hit count has crossed 1000 🙂

So here I am expressing my heartily thanks to…
Blogspot.com, for providing place to usher my thoughts. In software engineer’s stereotype life apart from kitchen (where one can try different weird recipes) blogs are only place where one can express ‘self’… I am here not to make sense all the time… I am here just to see how many of you can take sense of my non-sense and laugh.

Mr. Laxman, for writing first hate message on my board… I appreciate your hate for my writings… I know God-must-be-drunk is quite weird… but didn’t find better name… anyway ‘what’s there in name?’… right???
[Oh…I deleted that hate message :-)]

– Guys and gals from 37 countries who visited my blog site… cool… I got a hit from ‘Azerbaijan… thanks dude for improving my knowledge… now I know about your beautiful country ‘Azerbaijan’

– High school English teacher, for teaching me English… though I use coarse, sarcastic wordings to express my dry jokes…

– Weird surrounding and different kinds of people around me, for giving me chance to observe things in my own multi-dimensional way and scribble my thoughts here… special thanks to reality TV shows such as M TV Roadies, SplitsVilla and news channels which have more opinion than information

Last but not the least (in fact most importantly), thank you very very much, to all those people who came out bravely to vote today, in those violent areas…
And advance thanks to everyone who gonna vote…ACHCHE KO CHUNEY… SACHCHE KO CHUNEY… (Vote a good person… vote a true person)


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Cheaper world

In great investor Warren Buffet’s words, “sell, when others are buying and buy, when others are selling

And looks like everyone in Bangalore is selling one or other thing and at cheaper rates… cars, flats, clothes, ash trays, under wears, socks… you name it and you will get some discount… If some are selling things at discounted prices then some are giving lucrative offers on purchase… If you just pass 10 shops, at least 8 will have board of discount offers… people are so eager to sell that one of the hoardings read, ‘buy 1 flat and get another flat free’. (Of course conditions applied)

Freakonomist’s sarcasm: The item you want the most in a sale will have ‘no-discount’ tag or will be out of stock.

Everyone is ready to sell to make ‘some’ money in this economical hard time but purchaser, following the proverb ‘save it for rainy day’, is not ready to take out penny from his packet in this time (In SW terms it is classic example of dead-lock 🙂

With so many discounts and promotion prices…I feel world around me has become cheaper place… not only in terms of materials but ironically also in terms of people …Yes… it is general election time and leaders (self-proclaimed) of biggest democracy of the world have started their cheap dramas and cheap speeches… if some wants to cut hand, other wants to cut fingers… if some wants road-roll the opponent the other is giving money to buy votes, if some one promising rice @ 2rupees, few are giving color TVs to forget the old promises… looks like politicians are competing each other to fall the chasm of ethics… bloody hell :(. Things are cheaper then why not enjoy it… so I have switched from ‘Reality-shows’ to political news (to get my dose of cheap thrills)…

Oh… by the way… I bought Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine at a discounted price… why??? I need it, it is cheap, it has ‘lucky-draw’ offer and more over some one has to buy when some is selling… so that is my small contribution towards moving economy 🙂

Mood of the day: Generally Fridays are nice (TGIF)… and holiday on Friday is like getting 90% discount… so Happy Good Friday… or should I say Better Friday 🙂

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