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It’s raining man…

Rain and our family have long romantic love-love relation. My ancestors, who were landlords (sort of), always prayed for the good rain. [Am I lying…You can see photo of my great-great grand father dancing like Aamir Khan of ‘Lagan’ for rain in our family album] But brought up in Metro City (sort of again) I didn’t inherit any of those farming or rain god worshiping tendencies. So I really never cared much whether it rains cats or dogs or it rains rums or beers. And being a ‘bath’ repellent and special thanks to movies like, ‘Mungaru maLe’ (means Monsoon Rain) and it’s pointless moral, ‘prithi madhura tyaga amara’, which can be bastardized as ‘Love everywhere, sacrifice is underwear’, I never had a good feeling for the rainy season.

Monsoon is here… may be in advance… thanks to global warming or whatever [I over heard few people talking that victory of BJP in Karnataka polls is the reason] or God must be in hurry to finish of his pouring job in this part of world.

Few years back (ok… lot many years back) when I was innocent kid (assuming that all kids are innocent), rainy season had different meaning for me. It was great time, thanks to all that mud and water on road where I used to play with paper boats. (wonder which was more fun… making boats or drowning them… 🙂

I think most of you people played in rain… not sure about people from drought lands of Orissa, Rajasthan and Gulbarga:) Really those were some really good ‘wet’ memories…

Thanks to the British officer (it was popular belief that my school was built by Phirang… if you see my 5th standard class teacher, you will believe the rumor) who had built our school before independence, which used to pour in sync with rain… so we used to get obvious holidays. Apart from this rainy season always offered me more reasons to bunk school, ‘sick leave’. [Most of the time, my teacher used to take sick leave giving same reasons as I used give]

But now things are different… whether it rains or not, whether its earthquake or tsunami, I need to go to office. Actually once my PM had threatened me that, ‘Even if you die, I will dig you out of the grave, drag you to office and get the work done’. [She didn’t knew, my ancestors have developed the fashion of burning the dead people].

Anyway most of these managers think there is nothing wrong with rain and people can come to office. Obviously those who commute in car (office bus or cab) can feel so. But imagine commuting on bike in this season, the rain, the mud, cruising BMTC buses, my colonial cousins (software engineers like me) on their bikes and a wet HOT babe on Scooty (must be HR of another company)… Oh… my God… everyday I feel like James Bond with unnecessary adventures.

It was an old tradition then to get ready for the rainy season… my grand-ma used to prepare pickles, papad and some all things, which are useful for the upcoming rainy season. My grand-ma has given her contribution towards the meaning to the proverb, ‘save it for the rainy day’.

Now, things have changed… now we have thousands of retail shops to get these things… as an orthodox grandson, before start of rainy season, even I start preparing my list for the season (as its our family tradition), a car (for dry commutation to office) and an umbrella (again for dry commutation, especially when I need to walk to Mallu bakery to get Tea).

Anyway I can’t afford a car (though I work with biggest car company) and I can’t use umbrella on my bike (after all I am not Jackie Chan to ride bike with open umbrella)… so ultimately I end up my list with only affordable and useful thing…. Dozen of underpants… (After getting drenched in rain, I think, you better know why you need stock of this).

The fury of wind (I heard few ITPL babes have flied away like glider with their ‘Dupatta’ open) and intensity of today’s rain… made me swing into action… so this weekend you will see me in some posh shopping mall and buying dozens of cheap underpants for the rainy season.

Anyway I am planning to carry few brand new ones (underpants, in my bag) to office everyday for next few months (just in case… ready for morning rains)… so if you are in ITPL and if you got wet while coming to office, then you know whom to contact 🙂


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