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[Dedicated to Sabka Bada Bhai, Totu and his timeless quote “Riding is my passion”]After spending time in ‘virtually traffic less’ Mysore, I started realizing ‘how the Bangalore traffic congestion has impacted me in last 3 years’. It’s something like, ‘More you hate something… the more you remember that thing’… (Whatever it may be…haa…haa), so being in this ‘virtually curfew affected’ place, I miss IT… I think, apart from the beggars (eunuchs are the new addition) near the traffic signal (stranded traffic is their work place), I am the only person who likes those jams (now)… those never changing ‘red’ lamps, those stuck cars, ever fighting ‘angry faced’ rickshaw drivers, careless police mamas, helmet clad un-aimed (or miss-aimed) techies, ‘pretty cute things’ riding behind their boy friends bikes, sleeping employees in company buses… Oh… that is some complex composition of variety of life at one place 🙂
But unknowingly we forget to appreciate the ‘daily villain’ of our lives… which is filling our lives with adventures and challenges… Traffic Jams, which induce, the ‘go get it’ attitude in my (our) post-working hours (when I was in Bangalore…)

But… But… How???….Check out further, my cute readers… 🙂

Sitting in cubicle you may not be able to write algorithm to add two integers but surely traffic will make you compute complex patterns, extravaganza travel (shortest path) algorithms… right???
Show is at 6:30 … which road I should take to reach Forum in 43mins? Let’s go through Koramangala, even if I miss part of the movie, the view of ‘Pretty Cute Things’ on road will compensate it 🙂

Day long fights with manager on appraisal, canceled on site chances…. But Bangalore traffic teaches how to keep alive the ray of hope…
Oye… It’s raining… I can’t go on bike… Hope a ‘friendly behaving manager uncle gives me ride in his car…. “Excuse me sir!!! Are you heading towards PuttenHalli?”
“Sure… One day I will buy a car like that” [after a ‘honking’ SUV cruised next to you… this heights of hope will flash even if your current ‘take home’ salary is not enough to ‘take you home’ also 🙂 …. Adakke taane hope annodu, machi]

Even after tiresome office coffee breaks and long lunch hours, observation skill will reach pinnacle of it’s performances…
“Macha, her skirt was till knee high”
“Did you see that hording…? Katrina looks soooo sexy in that, Na?” [speed of bike or frustration of jam doesn’t affect observation skill]

Sometime you learn life’s biggest lessons with cheap homilies in pondering traffic 🙂
Imagine you are stuck in traffic signal… you are frustrated that your ‘orkut’ status is still ‘single’ (after 25.3 years of existence) and what is this? …… You saw a good looking aunty is sitting in car with a beta version of ‘baboon’ kind of uncle…
“What an amazing aunty in the car!!!… Bloody uncle… My God, every one is up to money these days… I think it’s an ‘arranged marriage’ :)”

It reminds you of your old friend or may trigger new love ventures…
Imagine bus is not moving…. Anyway nothing much you can do for time pass (if no good looking girl in bus…) then…. Of course you will check the contact list in your cell phone for time pass… yes… yes… haan… haan…. Oh, let’s call….
“Hi, Lachchi… I was feeling lonely… so thought of you… ” [that’s it… ‘Lagi to Lagi Mohammad Ali’… either a good deal for a movie and dinner with her on weekend… then I analyzed the third kind (like RDB style) … after all, she has Airtel connection and yours is Airtel to Airtel ‘free’ corporate connection 🙂 … haa…haa… [Khaya piya kuch nahin… bottle bhi nahin toda… phir bhi total time pass hogaya… :)]

If I am paid to write on this traffic (may be only BMP can sponsor, to create nice image about infrastructure and congestion problems)….I can give 94001 reasons… why I (subconsciously, even you guys) love traffic jams… so don’t hate the traffic congestion… just think, even you are part of this problem… anyway when you can’t find the solution… then enjoy the problem itself 🙂

[PS: I am leaving for Bangalore now… Hope no Goddamn traffic jam near Forum…. Haa… Haa]



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